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CYBERNETICS is a premier provider of consulting, technology, maintenance, operational support services and solutions for Healthcare, Clubs, and Transportation. With proven methodologies and tools, CYBERNETICS works with its clients to help them solve their most complex challenges

Egyptian based Software Development & IT Services company founded in 2013. We deliver cost effective software and IT solutions based on our advanced technical skills, IT expertise, and strong commitment to quality assurance. Working with customers around the world, we offer significant experience and expertise in a broad range of technologies, with a portfolio of value-added IT services that includes:

Industry Solutions

CYBERNETICS delivers industry-leading solutions, available on-premises or cloud, to transform the integration, planning, tracking, and management of your facility vital assets.

Smart Solutions

Flexible & Highly Secured Solutions To Meet Your Business Needs. Simplify & Scale Business.

What is our Vision?

Our vision is to deliver lasting and enduring value - for our business, and for yours. We help people and businesses to realize their full potential.

What is our Mission?

We focus on the success of businesses and communities through the imagination of our people and smart technologies. We provide organizations with a range of easy-to-use business management software and services - from finance and payroll, to enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and payments. Our customers receive continuous advice and support through our global network of local experts to help them solve their business problems, giving them the confidence to achieve their business ambitions.

What are our Core values?

We work to make our customers successful and consider customer satisfaction our number one priority. We are a group of dedicated, hard-working people, working together to accomplish the extraordinary for our customers. The hallmarks of our corporate culture are leadership, integrity, a passion for learning, mutual respect, and a drive for initiative. We are committed to innovation, not simply in our cutting-edge products, but in the services, we provide and the way we do business. We are committed to giving back to our communities, through our active engagement in charitable and humanitarian causes and activities

Our Products

helping customers to support initiatives, processes, and strategies


Enabling a personalized healthcare experience through integrated records and collaborative medical analytical capabilities


Enabling managers of a construction site to stay on time and on budget by making the most of their materials and labor.


Improving the student performance, and shows smarter financial management results. drives higher revenue, and more security standards


Using your phone's GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available driver.

CYBERNETICS Executive Suite

Fully integrated suite of managerial solutions platform that includes database, middleware, and multiple applications, and is based upon a modular, service-oriented architecture that can rapidly respond to enterprise evolving needs in a cost effective way.

CYBERNETICS Project Manager

Tools necessary for organizations to ensure their projects are in line with the company’s strategic objectives as well as the functions required to track, manage and manipulate ongoing projects. Resource utilization & Time tracking in real-time manners. Cost and budget management takes the math out of budgeting. By simply having resources input their expenses and time in each task assigned to


Help focus your team by giving each member his or her own task list. Attach task-related documents and have discussions with other project team members. Use symbols to visually represent task information, like priority. Simply check off tasks as you complete them with checkbox columns. Changes made to this Individual Task List are automatically reflected back to the Team Task Tracker Project progress Tracking is based on task progress tracking

CYBERNETICS Meeting Planner

Eliminates manual workflows, built around centralized meeting portals, automates agenda item approvals with electronic approval processes, simplifies agenda creation for upcoming meetings with ability to assign members for each meeting agenda item

CYBERNETICS Issue Resolver

Transforms your operations by retiring inefficient, manual or paper-based systems and processes. Combining user-friendly design with result-oriented strategy, eliminating manual forms and promote paperless business processes. Increase overall efficiency and service delivery by providing a direct channel for receiving, tracking, routing, and managing cases. Proactively allocate resources and track progress of service requests by viewing key metrics through a centralized dashboard.

CYBERNETICS Document Organizer

Central repository for all project and tasks, meetings, and CYBERNETICS ERP related documents. Information can be sorted using various different criteria and simplify access to project information for different users with different needs. Centralized document management provide ability to integrate all your documents into the reference system, whatever their format (Excel, Word, WordPro, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, etc.). You can then design your own document formats.


Adapting the new concept of traceability which is tracing the chain of related system instances (whether tasks, meetings, issues, …) taken by users. Doing so, enables the managers and executives to trace subordinate tasks in order to evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the process . Visual representation of dependencies between tasks, issues and meetings

CyberCare RX

CyberCare RX is an enterprise HMIS & ERP solutions platform that includes database, middleware, and multiple applications, and is based upon a modular, service-oriented architecture that can rapidly respond to enterprise evolving needs in a cost-effective way.

Next Generation HMIS

New era, tough challenges, rapidly-evolving environment, require not only smarter but intelligent, faster, not only responsive but adaptive, proactive, not only information intensive, but knowledge intensive, decision supporting, not only collaborative, but social, not only system but complete context-aware technology platform, not only HMIS, but CyberCare Rx

Hybrid Cloud Solution

uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment

Smart Hospital

Smart hospital solutions improve patient engagement. These solutions enable healthcare providers to deliver the right medical treatment faster and accurate and decreasing the waiting time for treatment.


The process to capture, distribute and effectively use knowledge. In CYBERNETICS we help our customer’s organizations to build culture that enhance knowledge sharing and learning while preserving and recording appropriate information which is mandatory in order for knowledge to be effectively retained and enhanced, CYBERNETICS introduces a new way in classification and retrieving knowledge items

User Experience

A good user experience is more than just window-dressing, Software that looks better actually works better. User-centered design leads to better business outcomes by enabling users to learn faster, in turn boosting productivity, confidence, and happiness.


Today, the software application is increasingly expected to let users communicate and interact with each other the way that they can on Facebook. Organic and guided search will also be expected, as will the intuitive usability.


In CYBERNETICS, we adapt the new concept of traceability which is tracing the chain of related tasks (both structured and non-structured tasks) taken by users. Doing so, enables the managers and executives to trace subordinate tasks in order to evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the process


CYBERNETICS designs responsive applications that not only look and feel good but also with rich functionalities Using mobile devices to perform a specific step in a task performed with a traditional pc – expose a specific function in the task not only performing the entire task via the mobile device – like plug & play


It’s a system of communication among corporate employees that may encompass the use of collaboration platform, enterprise social networking tools, a corporate intranet and the public internet

Our Portfolio

BI Tools

Dashboard & Report Builders

Project Management Tools

Time Tracking, and Project Management


Manage Gensets, Clip on, off, and Costing

CLT Shuttle

E-Transportation Mobile App

Patient Mobile App

Online Reservation, Diet Management

CyberCare RX

Smart Hospital Management System

Issue Resolver

Customer Complaints and Inquiries Management

Our Clients

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CYBERNETICS Smouha Original building, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt.


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